Monday: Trying to ignore hoopla. Glad federal court rejected Republican claims to disqualify 127,000 drop-off votes in Texas’ Harris County (Houston). Not first decision to go against Trump. Maybe nation’s courts as well as state, county and municipal governments will uphold right to vote in peace . . . Bedtime: Trump commented that the Supreme Court’s decision letting stand Pennsylvania’s counting ballots for three days after election could be “physically dangerous.” He also got admirers at Scranton-Wilkes Barre Airport to chant that L.A. Lakers basketball star “LeBron James sucks.” Trump undoubtedly better hooper . . . That the election’s a toss-up depressing.

Tuesday: Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrated this past Saturday through yesterday. Hope as polls open—100 million Americans voted early—we won’t witness death of American democracy . . . Heartened to see no signs of voter intimidation at polls and federal judge ordering sweep of 12 USPS districts to move along mail-in ballots . . . Not pleased with robocalls to voters telling them to stay home. FBI looking into it . . . Mid-afternoon, working on revising my website. Not getting my election hopes up . . . For dinner, great pizza from Little Star as we watch early returns. By 8:15, clear that results will be delayed. Will Trump’s leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin hold? Most early/mail votes to come . . . Bright spot: Sarah McBride (Delaware) becomes first trans woman to win state senate seat.

Wednesday: Trump declared victory last night, the election a fraud. Going to court to stop the voting. Newsflash: voting ended last night. Counting continues. Bothersome little details . . .  Breakfast at Town’s End, walk along the Embarcadero and grocery shopping. At noon, CNN gives Biden’s electoral lead 237-213, seven states undecided. Biden took Wisconsin. Can he nab Michigan? Many Detroit votes not yet tallied . . . Biden’s 1:15 pm TV address as close to a victory speech as you can make. I wouldn’t have . . . At dinnertime, Arizona and Nevada on hold. Same after watching final two episodes of Netflix’s fabulous mini-series “The Queen’s Gambit.” . . . NY Times reports daily U.S. coronavirus cases hit 100,000 for first time. Almost half the country unconcerned.

Thursday: Outcome still pending, although nature of uncounted votes favors Biden. Glad I’m not a nail biter . . . Nothing new at lunch. Like waiting for the birth of a child who’s overdue . . . Late afternoon, Trump claims broad conspiracy. “If you count legal votes, I easily win.” Translation of legal: for me . . . Georgia and Pennsylvania tightening. Nails still in good shape . . . Fox News host Mark Levin calls on Republican legislatures to determine their electors. Not stealing votes. Canceling them . . . Some Fox News people pushing back against Trump’s fraud claims. Maybe decency can’t be totally extinguished.

Friday morning: Biden with slim lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania, holding Arizona and Nevada. Will speak tonight—probably while I’m at Shabbat Zoom services . . . As I close, Biden’s Pennsylvania lead increases to 12,000. Also, may have some rain later. Signs from heaven?

It isn’t over till it’s over, but we’re getting close. Keep calm and carry on.

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