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“A light but effective tale.”
Kirkus Reviews


The U.S.A. is history. In 2044, the Covenantal States of America constitutes a white-Christian autocracy echoing George Orwell’s banned classic, 1984. Washington pushes back against armed rebels, humor ridiculing tyranny and mushrooming graffiti referencing Orwell’s novel in the form of 2084. Sam Klein, a member of the Minyan, a clandestine group of stand-up comics, organizes a July Fourth comedy protest while his Indian-American wife Indira, a native Californian, faces deportation. The Fourth, celebrating an America made great yet again, brings unexpected fireworks.

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“Insightful fiction”
Kirkus Reviews

Big Truth: New and Collected Stories

An astronaut turning 80 suffers a disturbing encounter. A hard-charging lawyer levitates. The Satan makes a cruel wager with God. America bans stand-up comedy. Thus begins a journey towards self-discovery concluding with four childhood friends taking a road trip fifty years after last all being together and laying their relationships bare. Twenty-five stories set in California, Oregon, New York, Israel and India examine ambition, loss, friendship, parenthood, memory and aging to consider elusive—and often painful—truths.

“A brain-twisting but often memorable tale”
Kirkus Reviews

The Odd Plight of Adonis Licht

Perception and reality collide in a dark, witty fable combining a play on Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis with overtones of Jerzy Kosinski’s Being There. Adonis Licht, a nondescript museum art curator, is a loner whose closest friend is a mute bag lady shrouded in black. After sleeping four straight days, Adonis awakens to find himself handsome and athletic beyond his wildest dreams. Success proves to be something other than what he imagined.

“Like a three-ring circus”
Kirkus Reviews

Flight of the Spumonis

What drives a 13-year-old trapeze artist to run away from the circus? Marco Spolini flees an overbearing father, critical stepmother and smothering uncle. In this Huckleberry Finn for our time, Marco and a 15-year-old multiracial street kid named Jimmy Q journey from New York to Los Angeles across a 1980 America beset by economic and political frustration. They encounter a variety of overlooked people on the edge while a one-eyed female private eye hunts them relentlessly.

“A funny, affecting novel”
Kirkus Reviews

The Boy Walker

Brute Greenbaum faces challenges beyond those of ordinary 12-year-olds. Faded hearing, dimming eyesight, bad hips and a penchant for farting are normal for an English Bulldog equivalent to a human centenarian. A cantankerous lover of rabbinic wisdom, comedy and skateboarding, Brute struggles to hold together the remnants of his shattered San Francisco family. While living in the same house, Abbie, a 24-year-old dog walker, remains emotionally estranged from his father Morty more than a decade after the deaths of Abbie’s sister and mother. Mortality, jealousy and long-buried secrets present nothing—and everything—to laugh about.

San Café

This riotously funny satire/thriller set in the Central American coffee growing nation of San Cristo skewers the populist left and hyper-capitalist right. A would-be revolutionary who loves gourmet cooking takes on the world’s largest coffee company, Mobys, Inc., and its relentless founder determined to monopolize the market. American security advisor Bobby Gatling—previously caught in the treacherous politics of the Middle East—must search for a missing priest on whose safety a presidential election turns.

“A satirical tour-de-force.”
— Tom Parker, O. Henry Award winner and author of Anna Ann Annie


Moq’tar, a Persian Gulf sultanate guided by a Berkeley MBA with grandiose economic plans, faces dangerous instability when terrorism produces a deadlocked election that pits brother against brother. Bobby Gatling, American advisor to the Ministry of Security, finds himself caught in a web of treachery, blackmail and hypocrisy. Bobby must cope with an alcoholic U.S. ambassador and a puzzling cultural attaché while struggling with loneliness, doubts about American intentions and attacks on his life. A beautiful, tech-savvy princess with a questionable past lurks in the background.

“Provocative, entertaining storytelling offering a unique approach to God’s relationship with all humanity.”
— Rabbi Lawrence Raphael

God’s Others: Non-Israelites’ Encounters With God in the Hebrew Bible

Fascinating, often-overlooked stories of God’s biblical relationships with all humanity. Some non-Israelites encounter God directly, such as Abimelech, king of Gerar; Hagar, Abraham’s Egyptian concubine; Balaam, the Midianite prophet; and Job, an Uzzite who confronts God’s seeming injustice. Others experience God indirectly, including the Pharaoh of the Exodus; Rahab, harlot of Jericho, who protects Joshua’s spies; and Ruth, a Midianite who clings to her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi, and becomes the great-grandmother of King David. Told with a storyteller’s flair and supported by traditional and modern commentary.

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Solo Success: 100 Tips for Becoming a $100,000-a-Year Freelancer


After more than twenty years, Solo Success still offers a comprehensive, step-by-step handbook for freelancers and consultants. David, after years as a successful freelance advertising copywriter and broadcast producer, provides critical advice on thinking like a CEO, setting income goals, managing time and building long-term client relationships. Grateful readers sent their thanks from across the United States, Scandinavia, Russia and the Philippines. Published by Three Rivers Press/Random House, New York, 1998.