The Boy Walker

The Boy Walker Cover“A funny, affecting novel about fragmented lives that slip the leash.” — Kirkus Reviews

Brute Greenbaum faces challenges beyond those of ordinary 12-year-olds.

Faded hearing. Dimming eyesight. Bad hips. A penchant for farting. Yes, they’re normal for an English Bulldog equivalent to a human centenarian and pursued by the Malach HaMavet—the Angel of Death. But they’re only the beginning.

A cantankerous lover of literature, rabinnic wisdom, humor and skateboarding, Brute must hold together the remnants of his shattered San Francisco family. Abbie Greenbaum, a 24-year-old dog walker, remains estranged from his college-professor father Morty a decade after the deaths of his sister and mother. Yet he and Morty live in the same house, hovered over by Morty’s next-door neighbor and best friend Rich Hoernerman.

Abbie and Morty’s wounded lives take another twist when they meet Sarah—a 10-year-old with Down syndrome—and her mother Rivka, a Jewish-Chinese teacher of stand-up comedy struggling with her ex, a classically trained cellist into bondage.

The three Greenbaums confront mortality, jealousy, criminal misadventure and disturbing family secrets. Their trials of the human spirit represent nothing—and everything—to laugh about.

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