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I’m TrumPinocchio & I want to be a Real Boy, not a Wooden Knockoff. But my Nose grows every time I Lie. Which I NEVER. Hold on. Have to hold iPhone I’m texting on farther away.

Sure, sometimes I exaggggerate. That 400-lb. Guy in bed who hacked Democratic National Committee’s emails? He only goes 350. Not in shape like my Pal Vlad Putin, who told me Russia DIDN’T do it. That’s settled!! Wait. Have to push iPhone away some more.

I love the American people. But not Crooked Hillary. She put our security in jeopardy using her own email server. Treason! That’s why loyal Americans scream, “Lock her up!” I just use my iPhones. China listens? Xi Jinping’s my Pal. Time out. Another phone adjustment.

Liberals hate me because they can’t handle The Truth. Like Criminal Hordes trying to get into America through Mexxxico. Nine-year-old girls do Terrible Things when they run in Packs of Two. Enemies of the People—CNN & Failing New York Times—don’t report that half infant boys storming border are members of MS-13. Whoa.Tough to use phone at this distance.

So much Hate. Horrible. Can’t we respect different opinions? Fine People marched in Charlottesville along with what Fake Media—Enemy of the People—called White Supremacists. What’s wrong with saying America needs more Norwegians? Last Monday, why did Jews jump all over Mike Pence for inviting Messianic Rabbi to his campaign rally. Of course Rabbi prayed in the name of Jesus the Messiah. More Jews accepting Jesus every day like regular Americans do. Crap! Hard to poke right Keeyzs.

Real Truth? Election coming. Republicans will win 75% of seats. Why? America loves ME, the Great Uniter!!!! That’s why I didn’t call Barack Obama (Fake American!) or Crooked Hillary (lock her up!) or anyone else (like that Globalist—I never said Jewish—Immigrant Lover George Soros) after that “Bomb Stuff.” One cranky American with a van covered by Trump Stuff means nothing. Screen getting fuzzy. New glasses?

That “Bomb Stuff” & that synagogue Shooting? (Congregants should have been carrying!) Excuse for Enemy of the People to stop covering my campaign rallies. They sent crews to Pittsburgh. Squirrel Hill. Probably Democratic neighborhood. I went to Pittsburgh. Lots of protestors. Simple message for those traitors: Guns don’t kill People. Patriots riled up by Traitors kill people.

Night after the Shooting? I told Real Americans we can’t let Sicko interrupt Campaigning. Or Baseball. I campaigned. Also tweeted about terrible Dodgers pitching change in Game 4 of World Series. (LOSERS!!) Next day I tweeted about Guts, which I have more than Anyone (along with Very Large Brain): “Just watched Wacky Tom Steyer, who I have not seen in action before, be interviewed by @jaketapper. He comes off as a crazed & stumbling lunatic who should be running out of money pretty soon.” “Bomb Stuff” shows up on Wacko’s doorstep, he cries. BOO HOO!!!

They say President sets moral tone for nation. That’s why I’m bringing Ammerikka together in Peece & Harmonie. Damn! Phone duct-taped to wall. Hard to type with tip of Nose but getting Hannnggh of it.

Wait till Midterms. Then 2020. Americans will see me as a REAL Boy. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll become a Real Man.

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Tuesday’s Germanwings air disaster in France left all of us shocked and heartbroken. But there’s a lesson to be learned. We all know the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. I’d add that often it takes a village to find the truth.

This principle became evident years ago when I served on a San Francisco jury in a civil trial. A couple sued a supermarket for false arrest after a security guard handcuffed the man, accused of shoplifting cigarettes, and a scuffle ensued. Arriving at a verdict was challenging since jurors, being human, tend to sympathize with individuals rather than corporations.

Piece by piece, however, our deliberations gained focus. As with the two criminal juries on which I served, people from different backgrounds observed matters in their own individual ways. We talked. And we listened. Then came a breakthrough. The plaintiff’s wife testified that she’d injured her leg or her foot—I don’t remember which—in the fracas. It still hurt. But a woman on the jury observed the wife wearing high heels to court. She believed that despite vanity (I know about women and shoes) no woman would do this while recuperating from an injury. That bothered her. It bothered the rest of us, who hadn’t noticed the high heels. We found for the defendant.

How does this relate to the Germanwings disaster? Yesterday’s New York Times focused on an announcement from French officials, based on recovery of the plane’s voice recorder, that the pilot left the cabin after the Airbus A320 reached cruising altitude. Apparently, the co-pilot locked the door to the cockpit, refused to open it despite the captain’s pleas then brought the plane into descent mode and crashed it into a mountain.

French and German officials are engaged in a thorough investigation. They’ll ask many questions and analyze many theories. The more people involved and encouraged to speculate, the closer they’ll get to the truth. I write this because I read a number of comments from Times readers. Sure, they’re all over the lot. But they’re not misguided. People just see things differently. Because they do, intriguing thoughts emerge.

The article reported that the co-pilot was “breathing normally” throughout the descent. He was intent on suicide, it seemed. That and murder. But “Linda” and “Dana” both question whether the co-pilot’s breathing indicated consciousness or incapacitation. Could he have suffered a medical problem? (I ask: Just when the pilot left the cockpit?) Also, the only way to re-enter a locked cockpit is to punch in a special code—a fail-safe mechanism implemented as a follow-up to Nine-Eleven. “Tom K” wonders why the pilot didn’t enter the code? (I respond: Can anyone inside the cockpit override that? Late news—yes.)

These readers may not have the answers, but they ask meaningful questions. So do investigators. We may never know the absolute truth. But I do know this: Finding the truth often requires many and diverse points of view. The more we open events and issues to broad-based discussion—often in a bottom-up process—the better our chances of making sense of the difficult challenges we face.

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