Slick! Book Cover

Kirkus Reviews - Best of 2012


“It’s satire at its finest—laughing until the sobering moment of realization that the events in Moq’tar aren’t as fictional as you’d hope.”

“A satirical tour-de-force.”
— TOM PARKER, O. Henry Award winner and author of
Anna Ann Annie

In the Middle East, reality may be only a mirage

Bobby Gatling, a retired US Army Special Forces officer with 30 years of experience in dangerous places, serves as senior advisor to the Ministry of Security in Moq’tar. This small Persian Gulf sultanate, allied with the United States, has ambitious economic plans. Unfortunately, as Bobby learns, not everyone is on board.

Events force Bobby to confront a number of difficult questions:

• Is torturing a suspected terrorist wrong if the Minister of Security is late for a New Year’s Eve celebration and faces the unrelenting wrath of his wife?

• Is a proposed theme park celebrating Islam’s great conquests more questionable than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building and mainly empty?

• Given tribal loyalties and an American-written constitution, why wouldn’t Moq’tar’s fractious legislature resemble Congress?

• Does American pro basketball belong in the Middle East where a 22,000-seat arena boasts a parking lot accommodating camels?

• Why wouldn’t brothers trust their ravishingly beautiful, computer-geek sister when she had perfectly good reasons to murder her husband?

SLICK! tracks Bobby’s attempts to navigate a complex web of greed and betrayal. As he does so, he must cope with an alcoholic U.S. ambassador and a puzzling cultural attaché while struggling with loneliness, a hidden past, doubts about American intentions and threats to his life.

Chapter by chapter, SLICK! skewers Islamism, anti-Semitism, capitalism, American foreign policy and the hypocrisy that binds them while taking Bobby—and the reader—on a wild ride filled with satire and suspense.

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