San Café

“In the whip-smart prose, the humor—often admirably black—is right on target.” — Kirkus Reviews

Revolution, murder, betrayal… and a great cup of coffee.

Bobby Gatling, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer and now a private security contractor, reluctantly becomes enmeshed in a budding revolution. In the coffee-dominated Central American nation of San Cristo, radical leftist Jesús Garcia-Vega, whose passions include gourmet cooking, fine wine and a purple-haired, Italian journalist-diva, seeks to overthrow a government controlled by the world’s largest coffee company, Mobys, Inc.

Mobys’ CEO, Whitman Scharq, a no-holds-barred capitalist, runs an environmentalist foundation promoting development of a 350 mile-per-gallon bio-fuel made from coffee. He also bankrolls a private army led by a former U.S. special ops officer with blood on his hands.

A priest’s disappearance threatens a papal visit critical to the election of Moby’s presidential candidate, the poet Alonso Quijano—originally appointed to the post by the military. Bobby, no longer on a “vacation” assignment, must lead a jungle manhunt accompanied by the politically connected Capitán Enrique Hauptmann-Hall, a man with a blemished civilian life now on a mission from God. Bobby finds his steps dogged by the world-weary Italian journalist/diva Adella Rosen, seeking to make yet another career comeback.

As the situation grows more complex, Bobby also finds himself challenged by a long-hidden identity, a distant relationship with a son he barely knows and an unexpected attraction to his superior—Mobys’ beautiful, brilliant, gun-toting Maria Skavronsky.

Fast-paced and sharp-edged, San Café shines a bright and riotously funny light on the extremes of the radical left and right in a world where everyone wears a mask and appearance is far from reality.

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