Days before Thanksgiving, energy secretary Rick Perry reassured Donald Trump that God mandated his election to the Oval Office. Perry told the president “. . . if you’re a believing Christian you understand God’s plan for the people who rule and judge over us on this planet in our government.” As a Jew, I wondered. So I went to the Source.*

God anticipated my first question. “This guy wrote this book God’s Others. He says the Jewish view is, I’m the universalistic God—the God of all the earth—of a particularistic religion, in his case Judaism.’” This guy, I said.That’s me! “I figured you could use a plug. Anyway, long story short, I created the heavens and the earth and all humanity. Religion? Whatever’s comfortable. But no religion can claim to know it all. All I ever wanted from any religion was two things.”

What’s the first? I asked. “Go with some form of the Ten Commandments. Eleven? Twelve? That’s cool. The Jews, I gave 613. But you don’t have to have a formal list. Which means? “Just be good to each other. I said that in that old movie, Oh, God. Well, George Burns said it. Nice casting.”

And the second thing? “Be careful about claiming to speak for me.”

But Rick Perry said you put King David and King Solomon on the throne and like Trump, they were imperfect. “Perry—anyone—really knows what I was thinking? I saw potential in David and Solomon, and they delivered on some things. They also screwed up. Bigtime. David with the killing and the women. Solomon with the 300 wives and 500 concubines, and all those taxes. I didn’t let David build My Temple, and after Solomon died, his kingdom split in two. After that, I left people to their own choices—if and when they could make them. Know why?” No, why? I asked. “Parents have to let their children grow up.”

God was on a roll. “Genghis Khan, Oliver Cromwell, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Kim Jong-un in power? Wasn’t me, either.”

But some Christians insist You made Trump president. “I fixed 63 million votes for Trump, 66 million for Hillary and six million or so for third-party-candidates? I made other voters stay home? You want a president, you elect him. Or her. You screw up? It’s on you. Besides, I have better things to do with My time.”

Like what? “Crewel work. There’s also My nightly mahjongg game with the heavenly host. You sound like my mother. Blanche is her own dynamic force and I respect that, so she sits in on Tuesdays. Sometimes, she lets Me win. In return, I keep your father Morris well-fed in My Great Deli in the Sky. Not to mention supplying him cigars ten times better than those four-for-a-buck Garcia-Vegas he had you pick up at the candy store when you were a kid.”

So then maybe you could . . . “Break the rules? Make you president so you can fly on Air Force One and on Chanukah light the national chanukiah in one of the White House’s front windows? I love to see you enjoy yourself, Dovidl, but fixing America’s elections is someone else’s shtick.”

You mean? “Yup. That job was seized by the Kremlin.”

*God’s comments constitute fiction and are not meant, in whole or in part, to represent God’s actual thoughts as related to me in confidence.

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  1. Claudia Long
    Dec 06, 2019

    One of your best, David. Intuitive, instructive, inspirational. And letting Blanche sit in on Tuesdays, I laughed out loud! (I of course never knew your folks but we’ve all got our “Blanche”!)

    • David
      Dec 06, 2019

      Thanks, Claudia. Now, if she could only send me her winnings!

  2. Don’t you mean Ukraine?

    • David
      Dec 06, 2019

      CP, you get my comedy award for the day.

  3. David Newman
    Dec 06, 2019

    I thought God’s intervention in earthly affairs was limited to deciding whether NBA players make their free throws and NFL placekickers make their extra points. Does Rick Perry know something I don’t know? Does Rick Perry know anything at all?

    • David
      Dec 06, 2019

      I believe, David, that Rick Perry knows how to fall on his knees and kiss presidential behind.

  4. Zoe Harris
    Dec 07, 2019

    Hi David, I really enjoyed this. Love, Zoe

    • David
      Dec 07, 2019

      Thanks, Zoe.

  5. Martin Weiner
    Dec 10, 2019

    Loved the wonderful
    Humor coupled with serious religious thought
    in this piece. As you may know, Oh God, is one
    of my favorite films.
    As ever,

    • David
      Dec 10, 2019

      So glad you enjoyed this post, Marty. I love OH, GOD because of its simple, straightforward message that, unfortunately, is all too often ignored.

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