David writes. In his newest novel, THE ODD PLIGHT OF ADONIS LICHT, perception and reality collide in a dark, witty fable combining a reversal of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis with overtones of Jerzy Kosinski’s Being There. Adonis Licht, a nondescript museum art curator, is a loner whose closest friend is a mute bag lady shrouded in black. After sleeping four straight days, Adonis awakens to find himself handsome and athletic beyond his wildest dreams.

David’s previous novels include FLIGHT OF THE SPUMONIS, in which a 13-year-old trapeze artist runs away from the circus and journeys across 1980 America with a 15-year-old New York street kid. He also authored THE BOY WALKER, narrated by the English bulldog of a San Francisco father and adult son living in the same San Francisco home but emotionally estranged… SAN CAFÉ, a hilarious conflict between hypercapitalism and leftwing populism in a coffee-dominated Central American country… and SLICK! a geopolitical satire set in the Middle East—honored by Kirkus Reviews as one of the 25 Best Indie Books of 2012.

His short stories have appeared in Oyez Review, PacificReview, REED Magazine and The Summerset Review.

David’s non-fiction includes GOD’S OTHERS: NON-ISRAELITES’ ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD IN THE HEBREW BIBLE. A retired advertising creative, he also wrote the book—literally—on the business side of freelancing: SOLO SUCCESS: 100 TIPS FOR BECOMING A $100,000-A-YEAR-FREELANCER.

David and his wife, the actor Carolyn Power, live in San Francisco.